Wednesday, October 14, 2009

work is kicking my ass!!!

so yeah work is kicking my ass. my knees are hurting and my back is killing me. i am home today because i had a migraine with vision loss - another sign of my back/neck hurting. so i am catching up on blogs and art and such. i talked to my sister today and we are going to go look at a low income apartment complex in port townsend this weekend since they dont have a wait list. i am thinking disability is what my only option is at this point since i couldnt even make it through week one - but i have not quit my job, nor am i planning to - yet. i will see what happens the rest of this week and into next week. so today photos from mt olivet cemetery in renton, wa. i am loving my cemetery explorations right now.
this is just a beautiful angel

a rosary and something that is now broken

really old headstones with roots moving them (where the zombies come out)

peaceful tree over a memorial bench

ever look down and see your own name????

well that is all for today
peace and luv

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