Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ok so even every other day seems to be too much

work has been kicking my ass. i have basically just gotten up worked come home looked at my facebook/myspace and emails and gone to bed. it is just really hard on my body - a lot harder than i thought it would be. i really thought i would be ok as long as i had that 8 plus hours between my busses and waiting for busses. but i am not. so looking into disability at this point is going to be my best option i believe. i know that a lot of my family does not approve of my "using" disability. however, like the one commercial says - you have paid into it all your life and if you now cannot work you are entitled to it. anyway enough of that. so i have been looking into getting certified as a genealogist. i think that would be awesome, but i have a long way to go first. in the meantime i can still professionally do other peoples family trees just as an uncertified genealogist. family tree stuff.... not so much as i have been working and then sleeping and that is about it. story..... hmm i think i am gonna pass on doing a story today, perhaps i will come back later today and put one on here.
peace and luv

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