Tuesday, October 6, 2009

happy tuesday everyone

I know i forgot to post yesterday, i was busy working on adding new information to the family tree. we got some information from a step-sister on the Friend family line in my extended tree. I also got a little more information from my dad on people in his extended family. so i have been very busy researching and adding and then researching some more. I also did a quickie version of a family tree for a friend who is coming up to visit me friday evening. when her mom passed away i offered to get her a good running start on her family tree. so that is done, i just need to get copies of the photos i found and get all her stuff into pdf files and add it to a disk for her. and as for my family tree. i exported it into excel yesterday and will be adding things like census info, birth and death records, addresses found for that person, anything and everything that i have ammased these last couple of years so that i can transfer it into an access database to really manipulate it and work with it. so yes, i have been very busy. hmm story for today. i cannot think of one right off the top of my head today, so family background. my mother and father had two children. my brother and i. yes i mention my sister a lot on here. she is actually my step sister. when i was 14 and she was 5 (there are 9 1/2 years between us) her father married my mother. through this union i not only got her as a sister, but her step brother's as brothers. my step father also brought out two of his four children from missouri - they are my step sister and my dearly departed step brother. when her dad and my mom divorced he remarried and had two more girls - my now adopted sisters - who are just a little older and about a year younger than my son. they now have babies of thier own and with their father long since passed away and their mother passing away just after my mother i feel i can be helpful to them in raising their children. my brother has a son, who is expecting his first child this month. so, when i say i am researching my extended family tree....... it gets very extended. my mother married twice, my father married four times (so far) and i have a step brother and step sister from two of those marriages, my step father married five times and had children with all but my mom, my little sisters mom married three times, her adopted father (her step father adopted her as a teen) married three times -- so keeping all this straight and getting everyone included so that my son knows how we all interweave as a family...... that was the start of my family tree research.
anyway, i am off to work more on my tree,
peace and luv,

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