Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/14/2012 My life–week in review

Wednesday – worked on getting all the prompts worked out for my journals

Thursday – played outside with william since it was an amazing sunny day – went on a little nature walk, he gathered 2 pinecones, 1 fircone, one branch from a blue spruce and a stem of lily of the valley flowers

Friday – put the finishing touches on the journals I have available, watched william while sammy went shopping

Saturday – edited my listings on Etsy, watched rich and his dad clean the tree debris from the yard and put up williams new play yard from his gramma

Sunday – had to cancel williams birthday party due to him not feeling well but richs mom and stepdad and nieces came over and spent most of the day playing with william

Monday – nancy came and took william for a day of movies and shopping – sammy and I had a girls afternoon watching home improvement tv and then since rich had to work at night we watched breaking dawn pt 1 after william went to bed.  also my air mattress broke during the night so sammy got me a new one

Tuesday – william finger painted – he made flowers, a big whale, and several other things – it looks like a big brown blob to us adults but to him it is a masterpiece and therefore it is beautiful.  also we woke up to a dusting of snow with flurries all morning.

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