Thursday, March 8, 2012

3/8/2012 Digital Scrapbooking–Inspiration

Hello all hope your Thursday is wonderful.  Here we are getting the house ready for the whole family to come over on sunday for William’s third birthday.  I have not really had any time for digital scrapbooking this week as I have been recovering from 3 days of roller derby watching.  I really don’t know how the girls who skate do it.  but I am gonna share a few photos from the Wild West Showdown that I know I am going to be scrapbooking.




my goal for myself this year is to get healthy enough to skate again.  I used to skate all the time as a teenager and somewhere along the way I lost all that.  I want to skate again – I know that with my arthritis all over I cannot do derby, but I can skate at the roller rink and have a blast doing so!!  So as part of my journey to me, keep watching for me skating again eventually.

until tomorrow,

peace and luv to all


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