Friday, March 30, 2012

3/30/12 my week with Pinterest :)

Hello all,

how has your week been?  mine has been up and down with the job hunting and interviews and all.  Here are some of my wonderful Pinterest finds for this week…..

Zombie bedding – Really I love this!!  (click photo for original site)

"never sleep alone" zombie duvet cover :D

kitty and tree tattoo – this is amazing (click photo for original site scroll about halfway down)


tree and bird tattoo – I would actually rock something like this (click on photo to go to original image)

tree and birds

a tub made out of stone --- I would love to just turn on some calm music, dim the lights and add bubbles and just relax for a couple of hours here (click image for original site it is about 2/3 down)

Stone bathtub

and finally, how amazing is this scrapbook???  I am going to try making something similar (click photo for original site)

Caribbean gatefold

and that is some of my week on Pinterest.  if you would like to follow my boards click here and if you need an invitation to Pinterest leave me a message and I will send you one.

until tomorrow,

peace and luv to all


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