Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinterest Pins of the Week–week ending 3/1/12

Hi all, sorry this is going to be short and sweet today, I have a lot to do to be ready to go this afternoon for the weekend of roller derby – so excited!!!!! 

Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier – click photo to be taken to site with instructions – I have loved capiz shell chandeliers since I was little and my mom made one that was 6 feet long – I so have to try this!!


Letter and Color Matching with plastic Easter eggs – click photo to be taken to the site with instructions – this will go so well with our color and letter practice that we do on a daily basis with mr William


Dishes I Desperately Want – click photo to be taken directly to them at – ok so I don’t need dishes at this point since I live in with Sammy, Rich and William but I am so in love with them I might just get them anyway, they can sit in storage with all my other stuff


I am so in love with this melted crayon art – click photo to be taken to it on – if I had the money right now this would be on its way to me to hang in my room


I love this dining set – click photo to be taken to it on – we have a store here called Fireworks that sometimes has sets like this and I always go in and dream shop in there


well that is a selection of my pins for this week,

I hope everyone has as great a weekend as I plan on having,

peace and luv to all


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