Saturday, March 24, 2012

3/24/12 Dungeness Cemetery, Sequim, WA

Hello all, today I am talking about the Dungeness Cemetery in Sequim, WA.  I actually discovered this cemetery when leaving the Olympic Game Farm with the nephews.  When Jaymee and I went back later in the summer to explore it, it was pretty dried out (yes, believe it or not western Washington does get dried out in the summer) but I think that added to the beauty of the old stones in it.  The funny stories that stick in my mind are, first, there was one stone that had one corner in the back coming out of the ground so I kept avoiding it saying that the zombies might come out at any moment from there.  I think that is hilarious, Jaymee, no so much, but that is ok she still loves me and still takes me to cemeteries.   There was also an area with like a whole bunch of angels and statues, all we can figure is they moved them when they mowed and just didn’t have them back yet.  I decided this was the cemetery figurine cemetery.  Here is a photo:

See what I mean?  It is just such a random thing to see.  and then my favorite was this stone with a cherub on it laying on its tummy with a bare hiney!  I love this one so much!!

It just really says peaceful thoughts to me. 

well I hope you have enjoyed my little short stories about Dungeness Cemetery.

until tomorrow,

peace and luv to all


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