Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cemeteries–Why I didn’t put my parents into one

So, as much as I love cemeteries and wondering in them I chose not to put either of my parents into one.  I made this decision for my mother as we had talked about her end of life wishes a lot as she was suffering from kidney failure.  She wanted cremation and she wanted a memorial service – so she was cremated and we had a memorial service – I planned the whole thing and I have to say it was wonderful.  I have a wonderful pastor at my church who really just let me take the lead on it all.  after that it took me almost 3 years to decide exactly when and where we were setting my mom free.  she loved the ocean as well as the mountains.  her dream vacation was to take a cruise from seattle to alaska and see all the whales so I decided that she needed to go into the water.  in my mind she is hanging out with the whales and traveling all over the world.  now my father, we didn’t really talk too much about it.  I had a totally different relationship with him from what I had with my mother.  but when he passed away in an accident last year my brother and uncle made the decision with my blessing to have him cremated.  there was a memorial of sorts with the whole family but nothing like what I did with my mother.  his ashes are “living” with my brother for now until I decide where we are putting him into the water so that he too can travel the world with the whales.  I need to get them some sort of memorial so that future generations will be able to find their information, but honestly they are both freer now than they have ever been in their lives. 

Anyway, I am preposting this so hopefully it works – I am at roller derby having fun

peace and luv to all,


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