Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3/28/12 My week in review

Hello everyone, this is actually two weeks in review since I missed a week.  In the last two weeks we have had some crazy weather – seriously, rain, hail, snow, sun – all in one day.  We also had William’s birthday party.  He had so much fun playing with his cousins as well as opening his presents.  He loved blowing out the candle on his cake too since he has been practicing that.  He got an awesome dinosaur train (from the PBS show) that goes on a track and has Buddy, Tiny and the Elvis one who sings the Dinosaur Train song.  He LOVES it.  I am looking for a job again which is a full time job in and of itself.  But I am optimistic as always that I will have something sooner rather than later.  It is amazing how few clothes I actually have left to wear for interviews and work now that I have lost so much weight.  But that is ok, I will just take a portion from each paycheck and get one or two new items of work appropriate attire for the first couple months.  I have met with a couple of agencies so far and am applying to jobs that I feel I truly would be an asset to that are in the areas that I would like to be in. 

this last weekend was AMAZING saturday I had a girls day with my sister – we went to the roller derby then when it was over at about 10 we hit the theater for the last showing of the Hunger Games.  I loved the book and the movie was amazing too.  And as for the roller derby – I love it!!  once I am really settled in life I will chose a nearby team and start being a volunteer even if it is just for the merchandise table.  then sunday I went to the park with sammy and rich and william for family day.  it was fun to sit back and watch william play with his parents. 

I have an interview on tuesday evening for a position I would really like in bellevue.  I will try to keep you all posted on what happens with that.

anyway, since I am prepublishing now, I want to get this one going,

until tomorrow,

peace and luv to all


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