Friday, March 23, 2012

3/23/12 Pinterest highlights

Hello everyone, sorry for my unintended week off.  I am looking for a job again and it really has to take priority over writing on my blogs and playing on the internet and all.  But I am here now and going to be preposting several days at a time now so that I can keep up.

this first pin is a great summer idea for the kiddos – a water balloon piñata.  I mean does it get much better than that for a hot summer day?? (click on photo to go to original source)

Water balloon pinata! What fun in the hot summer!

This next pin is actually a lampshade for sale on Etsy (click on photo to go to original source) but since I know I have a box in storage with tons of early 70’s alaska slides my mind is thinking I can try to recreate this in some form.

Rocks and owls – two of my favorite things right now.  I will be trying to make rock owls at some point!! (click on photo to go to original source)

these are cute, and i don't know why i like them so...

I am absolutely in love with these cups (click on photo to go to original source) I would totally buy a whole dish set of these and decorate my dining room around them.

Fantasy dandelion cup

and one of the dolls I would love to own.  (click on photo to go to original source)  I love BJD’s but they are just really out of my price range for now.  These are a someday kinda thing for me.

Enchanted Doll : Princess & the Pea <3

I hope you all enjoyed our little trip through my pinterest mind for this week,

peace and luv to all,


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