Sunday, March 25, 2012

3/25/12 My Heritage, My maternal Grandfather

Hello all, today I will be writing about my maternal grandfather David Claiborne Whitehouse.  David was born in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky on 11 Feb 1914.  He died in San Jose, California on 27 Dec 1975. 

Facts I know about my grandfather:

  1. at age 6 his family was living in Denver Colorado and his father was working for the railroad the 1920 Census lists Edward Whitehouse’s occupation as car repair, steam railroad
  2. photo of the 1920 census page from
  3. I know my grandfather was an alcoholic and for that reason he moved from Kentucky to California somewhere around the time my mother was born in 1946.  He and my grandmother never actually got divorced and after my mom was grown my grandmother moved and lived with my grandfather in California.
  4. It was fun for me when we lived with my grandparents in California to share a birthday with my Pop-Pop.  I really looked up to him not only because of his height, but because he encouraged me to just be me – complete tomboy that I was.  Which was nice since I had a mom and gramma who wanted me to be a girly girl.
  5. I know my grandfather had emphysema and it was complications of that that killed him in the end.

There is really a lot I don’t know about him yet, but I will keep digging and find more I am sure.

until tomorrow

peace and luv to all


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